Policy and Business Overview

Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited operates loan service business in hire purchase and finance leasing for commercial cars, vehicles, other assets and one-stop services. In 2019, the credit port continued to expand continuously. The main target group of the Company was the commercial cars, both new and used cars. Currently, the commercial car segment was accounted for 65% while other car and assets segment was accounted for 35% of total loans. However, the Company conducts business with a credit policy which mainly considers the return on loans. To maintain the spread of interest to meet the goals set.


Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited was established on 2nd June 1988 under the original name of “Ratchthani Leasing Co., Ltd.”, with an initial capital of 6 Million Baht. The initial business aimed at the hire purchase loan services for second hand automobiles. Since its establishment, the Company has been increasing its registered capital for the business expansion. Its registered capital was raised to 36 Million Baht in the first year and to 56 Million Baht and 168 Million Baht in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

During the initial stage of business, the Company focused its business on hire purchase loan for second hand automobiles, both to individual retail customers via second hand car dealers and to second hand car dealers as a floor plan credit for their purchase of used cars for sales. The proportion of both customer groups was about the same in the past. However, in 2006, the Company stopped the floor plan credit business since it had the purpose of maintaining the Company’s market shares and market expansion in the first place rather than making profits as the main business.

Since 2000, the Company has applied for membership of the Thai Hire-Purchase Association to obtain the information of the automobile hire purchase market for the benefits of the Company’s business operations. Currently, the Company’s Marketing Department, with experiences in hire purchase market is responsible for recruiting new customers. They have built a good relationship with many automobile dealers and regularly visit dealers who are the Company’s partners.

Key Development


The Company registered to be the public company Limited and changed its name to “Ratchathani Leasing Public Company Limited” in August, 2002 and certified to be the listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on December 19, 2002.


After holding of 39.76% of the paid-up capital, Siam City Bank Public Company Limited appointed its representation to be the Director of the Company for 4 persons according to its ratio after acquisition of securities.


After purchasing the common shares of the Siam City Bank Public Company Limited from the Financial Institutions Development Fund, it resulted that Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited became the major shareholder instead of the Siam City Bank Public Company Limited which held 48.35% of shares of paid up capital.


The Company registered the increased capital with the Ministry of Commerce from the previous registered capital at the amount of Baht 904,853,296 to the new registered capital of Baht 1,342,349,708. Such capital increase was done by offering to the existing shareholders. As a result, Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited became the major shareholder of the Company by holding 874,973,000 shares, or 65.18% of paid up capital.


The Company was certification for membership of Thailand’ s Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption (CAC), together with Thanachart Capital Public Company Limited and 10 companies of Thanachart Group.


The Company’ s result of Corporate Governance 2015 evaluation was “ Very Good” in the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Company: CGR by Thai Institute of Directors.


The Company received the Best Company Performance Award 2016 and was considered to be a candidate for the Further Best Company Performance Award in “ SET Award 2016” organized by SET and Money and Banking Magazine.and the Company’s credit rating was upgraded from “BBB+” to “A-”, “Stable” outlook, from Tris Rating Co., Ltd.


The Company was selected to be the securities element of SET 100 Index and SETHD (SET High Dividend 30 Index) for 2017


The Company invested in RTN Insurances Brokers Co., Ltd. (“RTN Insurances Broker”) which conducts non-life insurance, life insurance, and related business, accounting for 100% of total paidup capital (including direct and indirect shareholding.) The objective was to provide services to hire purchase customers and financial leasing customers of the Company to satisfy their needs and sustain customer service efficiency. This would support the Company to provide the full services in hire purchase and financial leasing services business, leading to the continuous and steady growth.


The Company was selected by The Stock Exchange of Thailand as one of the securities used in the SET 100 Index and selected as one of 2019 ESG100 registered securities by Thaipat Institute with outstanding performance in Environmental, Social and Governance operations. Moreover, The Company received a “Very Good” level of 2019 Corporate Governance score from the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR), organized by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD).


To be the leader in the loan services for commercial cars, vehicles, other assets and one-stop services that can satisfy customer’s needs covering all provinces nationwide.



The Company will conduct business with transparency, efficiency and sustainable growth in order to continuously gain good performance and business result for shareholders.


The Company will develop human resources to occupy capabilities, expertise, skills, professionalism while sustaining honesty and professional code of conduct. The Company will provide the proper remuneration to sustain the qualified employees with the Company.


The Company will create confidence, good relationship, fast services and fair return on business to trade partners for the efficient long-term business partnership.


The Company will develop products and services to the excellence to meet targeted customer’s needs and create highest customer satisfaction.


The Company will conduct business in accordance with good corporate governance with honesty and resistance to all forms of corruption in order to give back to society and to cooperate in the country’s economy development.


The Company will conduct business with responsibility to the resources and environment and involving in the conservation, rehabilitation and balance of the ecosystem.

Core Values

To drive the organization to accomplish the vision and mission efficiently in a proper way, the Company created the core values “C3 SIP” for all employees to make understanding and take into practice.

Customer Focus

We will give importance to customer’s demand and will focus on providing services to the excellence and create highest customer satisfaction.


We will make it as a team work.


We will be committed to working to achieve the goal and being responsible for the result.


We will work with determination and dedication.


We will persist in honesty, transparency and anti-corruption.


We will occupy knowledge, skills and capabilities sufficient to perform our duties.

Organization Chart

December 25, 2019

Board of Directors

August 13, 2020

Mr. Virat Chinprapinporn


Mr. Kovit Rongwattanasophon

Director/ Managing Director

Mr. Charoensuk Kijitti


Mr.Somjate Moosirilert


Miss Suvarnapha Suvarnaprathip


Mr. Kamtorn Tantisirivat


Mr. Sorasak Chayaraks


Dr. Thakol Nanthirapakorn

Independent Director/ Chairman of Audit Committee

Mr. Surapon Satimanont

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Varavudh Varaporn

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Suvit Arunanondchai

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Dr. Naree Boontherawara

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Management Team

January 1, 2020

Name Position
1 Mr. Virat Chinprapinporn Chairman
2 Mr. Kovit  Rongwattanasophon Managing Director and Executive Chairman
3 Mr. Komsan Boonyoiyad Deputy Managing Director
4 Mr.Ponlaphe  Sakkayapapwicharnon Senior Assistant Managing Director
5 Mr.Jaturaput  Hnudang Assistant Managing Director
6 Miss Unchan Srisom Senior Vice President

IR Contact

Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited

77/35-36 Sinsathorn Tower, 11UP Floor,Krungthonburi Road., Kholngtonsai,

Khlongsarn, Bangkok 10600 Tel.02-431-9000 Fax.02-431-9099

Office of the Managing Director

77/35-36 Sinsathorn Tower, 11 Floor,Krungthonburi Road., Kholngtonsai,

Khlongsarn, Bangkok 10600 Tel.02-431-9000 Fax.02-431-9099

Email : rungtip_c@thani.co.th

Planning and Strategy

77/35-36 Sinsathorn Tower, 2 Floor, Krungthonburi Road., Kholngtonsai,

Khlongsarn, Bangkok 10600 Tel.02-431-9000 Fax.02-431-9099

Email : unchan_s@thani.co.th