Ratchthani Leasing Plc. (“the Company”) was incorporated on 2 June 1988 under the original name “Ratchthani Leasing Co., Ltd.”, with an initial capital of Baht 6 million to provide pre-owned car hire-purchase services. Since its inception, the Company had increased its capital as its business expands. Its capital was raised to Baht 36 million in the year of business started up and then to Baht 56 million and Baht 168 million in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

In the initial business operation, the Company rendered pre-owned car hire-purchase financing both to retail customers through used car dealers and a floor plan credit for their purchase of used car for sales. The two credit types in the past were in about the same proportion. The Company has stopped the floor plan credit since 1995 and accentuated merely on financing to the retail customers since then. However, in 2004 and in 2005, the Company conducted the feasibility study with an aim to reactivate “floor plan” credit offered to 2 used-car dealers and 4 used-car dealers, respectively for their purchase of used car for sales, a limit of not more than Baht 7 million per transaction with 3-6 months tenures. Car registration cards are collaterals against such credit lines. The purposes of reactivate “floor plan” credit were to maintain market shares and expand to new markets. However, the Company has stopped the floor plan credit since 2006 because “floor plan” credit was not aim to be major business.

Key Development


The Company registered to be the public company and changed its name to “Ratchathani Leasing Public Company Limited” in August and certified to be the listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on December 19, 2002.


After holding of 39.76% of the paid-up capital, Siam City Bank Public Company Limited appointed its representation to be the Director of the Company for 4 persons according to its ratio after acquisition of securities.


As of April 12, 2005, the Company had big change on its major shareholder structure. The new major shareholder was Pongjatura group which held the Company’s shares of 20.61% of the paid up capital, or equal to Baht 401,098,495. However, the management team was unchanged with no impact on the business operation of the Company.


The Board has resolved to allocate 150,000,000 common shares for capital increase and 75,000,000 units of warrants to purchase ordinary shares offered to the Siam City Bank Public Company Limited (SCIB).


After purchasing the common shares of the Siam City Bank Public Company Limited from the Financial Institutions Development Fund, it resulted that Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited became the major shareholder instead of the Siam City Bank Public Company Limited which held 48.35% of shares of paid up capital.


The Company registered the increased capital with the Ministry of Commerce from the previous registered capital at the amount of Baht 904,853,296 to the new registered capital of Baht 1,342,349,708. Such capital increase was done by offering to the existing shareholders. As a result, Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited became the major shareholder of the Company by holding 874,973,000 shares, or 65.18% of paid up capital.


A premier company providing credit loan especially for used cars, commercial vehicles, and other particular vehicles to meet the customers’ need covered all provinces in Thailand



To operate efficiently and transparently with sustainable growth to maximize great operation results and returns to shareholders continually


To emphasize on human resources development to enhance their potential, expertise, and skills in order that they work professionally with integrity, ethics in their career, including providing remuneration to maintain good qualified employees for working at the Company


To create good relationship, confidence, and rapid services to business partners, and provide reciprocal business returns fairly to enhance business collaboration effectively in the long term


To provide the services development being excellent, precise and rapidly, propose qualified financial product to satisfy the target customers’ need on various vehicle types and maximize the most consummate satisfaction


The Company has committed to conduct its business with integrity, principle, and discipline in compliance with law, regulations, and related rules in order to be responsible to social and jointly develop the country’s economy.

Core Values

To achieve its mission and vision with appropriate approach efficiently and be the same direction with Thanachart groups, the Company has defined its core values or C3 SIP to its all employees to understand and implement.

The Company’s core values, which are the belief and commitment of each employee acting during operation and providing services to customers, are as following:

Customer Focus

We are aware of the importance of customers’ need and commit to provide services responded on our customers’ need and create satisfaction.


We will collaboratively work as a team


We will commit to operate for achieving the goal and responsible to performance.


We are dedicated on working


We will adhere on integrity, transparency, and anti-corruption.


We must have knowledge, skills, and competence appropriately to performance.

Board of Directors

Mr. Virat Chinprapinporn


Mr. Kovit Rongwattanasophon

Director/ Managing Director

Mr. Charoensuk Kijitti


Mr. Anuwat Luengtaweekul


Mr. Praphan Anupongongarch


Mr. Wuttichai Suraratchai


Mr. Anuchart Deeprasert


Dr. Thakol Nanthirapakorn

Independent Director/ Chairman of Audit Committee

Mr. Surapon Satimanont

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Varavudh Varaporn

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Mr. Suvit Arunanondchai

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Asst.Prof. Naengnoi Chai-onnom

Independent Director/ Member of Audit Committee

Management Team

Name Position
1 Mr. Virat Chinprapinporn Chairman
2 Mr. Kovit  Rongwattanasophon Managing Director and Executive Chairman
3 Mr. Komsan Boonyoiyad Deputy Managing Director, Credit Operation
4 Mr. Boonchu Wongpakdee Deputy Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer
5 Mr.Ponlaphe  Sakkayapapwicharnon Senior  Assistant Managing Director, Internal Control & Monitoring
6 Mr.Sootchai  Viriyalappa Assistant Managing Director, Finance

IR Contact

Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited

77/35-36 Sinsathorn Tower, 11UP Floor,Krungthonburi Road., Kholngtonsai,

Khlongsarn, Bangkok 10600 Tel.02-431-9000 Fax.02-431-9099

Office of the Managing Director

77/35-36 Sinsathorn Tower, 11 Floor,Krungthonburi Road., Kholngtonsai,

Khlongsarn, Bangkok 10600 Tel.02-431-9000 Fax.02-431-9099

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Planning and Strategy

77/35-36 Sinsathorn Tower, 2 Floor, Krungthonburi Road., Kholngtonsai,

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