Message from Chairman

In 2016, the previous year, it was the great loss of Thailand from the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama 9, which was caused widely grief throughout the country.  Throughout his reign period, the country is developed in every aspect.  He is beloved, revered, heart and soul of Thai people.  On the 70 years of his accession to the throne, he has reigned in righteousness for the benefits and happiness of Siamese people truly.  Thai people have always kept in remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The overview of global economy has mainly remained slow down from the uncertainty of economic and financial of the key industrial countries.  Especially the United States, the economic policies on various aspects were vague because of the supersession of the President.  While the separation of the United Kingdom had an effect to the countries in Europe and resulted of the uncertainty on the agreement of investment and economy, China and Japan had explicit signal of slowing down.  China has lowered the Yuan rate considerably and implemented the loose monetary policy by lowering interest rate.  Japan had still faced on deflation crisis and the solution of seniority increasingly.  Moreover, the oil prices remained the key factor that continually depressed on the global economic condition due to the reason of retard global demand and overflowing of the supply.

In 2016, Thailand economy was gradually recovered.  The growth rate was at 3.2-3.3 % as the result of the increase of public investment and private spending.  In addition, the monetary policy was relieved and rigorously to support the recovery of domestic economy of the country.

The overall operation performance in 2016, Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited has still expanded its leasing to achieve its target as business complied with the domestic economic recovery.  The Company’s net profit was Baht 881 million or increasingly 17%, higher than the previously year.  In addition, the account receivable of leasing was increased to 13% at Baht 3.27 billion.  Such overview reflected the Company’s commitment to maintain its good operation performance consistently.

For the economic outlook of Thailand in 2017, the Company expects that it still grows continually from the year of 2016 on gradually step.  The major contributing factors are from continually investments of the public sector and private spending together with the execution of the relaxed official policy to support the economic recovery of the country consistently.  However, the uncertainties from factors of key industrial countries which affected to the overall of Thai economy are closely monitored continuously, so that the Company enables to drive its operation according to the business plans..

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank all stakeholders for their support and reliability to Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited continually as well as the executives and all employees for their dedication on performing with completely responsibilities to the Company.  With the believe, the Board of Directors, the executives and all employees have committed and dedicated on performing their duties and mission to drive the Company to achieve its success and be the efficient corporate of the country consistently.

Mr. Virat Chinprapinporn