Report of Risk Management Committee

The Board of Directors has appointed and assigned the Executive Board to act as the Risk Management Committee, as another role, which consists of 4 members as follows:

1. Mr.Kovit Rongwattanasophon as Chairman of the Risk Management Committee
2. Mr.Virat Chinprapinporn as Member of the Risk Management Committee
3. Mr.Praphan Anupongongarch as Member of the Risk Management Committee
4. Mr.Wuttichai Suraratchai as Member of the Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee performed duties under the delegation of authority set out by the Board of Directors to reviewed the risk management policies on aspects related to the business operation included credit risk, marketing risk, operational risk, strategic risk, liquidity risk and other themes, defined the risk management tools or measurement on risk assessment efficiently and appropriately to the Company to control related risks on business operation on an accepted level, including evaluating the internal and external factors which may impact significantly on the business operation.  The Risk Management Committee has also considered and reviewed the risk policy and guidelines on risk management regularly.

In 2016, the domestic economy recovered while the overall world economy remained slowdown from the uncertainty of economic and financial policies of the major industrial countries.  These impacted overall to the domestic economy of the country which was gradually recovered and be factors affected to the business operation of the Company in the previous year.  The Risk Management Committee have conducted its duties, as assigned above, precisely and covering every risks in order that the Company enables to appropriately and effectively operate its business, achieves its goal defined under such pressures.  As a result, the Company is capable to operate its business continually.

Mr. Kovit Rongwattanasophon

Chairman of the Risk Management Committee