Report of the Corporate Governance Committee

The Board of Directors has realized the importance of business operation based on the integrity, transparency and accountability, as well as the corporate good governance under the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  Therefore, the Board of Directors has agreed to assign all boards to mutually perform and take responsibilities as the Corporate Governance Committee, as well as determining the agenda on the topic of corporate good governance as the regular meeting agenda of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors has also designated the duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Governance Committee to define the policy and guidelines of the good governance, including the assessment and reviewing the policy, ethics, and appropriate approaches in compliance with the related laws consistently.

The Corporate Governance Committee and related functions have conducted its business operation under the corporate governance and in accordance with the standard of ASEAN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE SCORECARD to create transparency and equivalence to all related business functions.  Moreover, the Company has emphasized on the anti-corruption, which is the obstacle on social and economic development of the country.  This intentional has been lead to the declaration and certification to be the member of alliance of Thai private sectors on the Collective Action against Corruption (CAC), which is the part of the business practices in compliance with the code of good governance.

As a result of its intention to conduct business under the corporate good governance in the previous year, the Company has been evaluated its quality from the survey of good governance of listed companies and scored at the grade level of “Excellent” from Thai Institute of Directors in collaboration with the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  In addition, the Company has been recruited to be the top listed ESG100 in 2016, as the second year consecutively from Thaipat Institute in collaboration with the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which only selecting the companies having the outstanding performance related to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).  It reflects the willingness on the Company’s business operation in compliance with the policy of the good governance and business ethics of the Company as well as creating the confidence to all stakeholders, including developing the society for sustainable growth.

As the listed company, the Company has continuously improved and developed its corporate good governance in accordance with its business operation consistently as well as developing its corporate governance to equivalent to the international best practices in order to create its stability in the long term.

Mr. Virat Chinprapinporn

Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee