Major Shareholder

Major Shareholders

Top ten major shareholders of the Company as of 31st December 2020 as follows:

No. Name Number of Shares %
1 Thanachart SPV 1 Company Limited  3,155,950,533 55.73
Thanachart Capital Public Company Limited  176,985,388 3.13
2 Raffles Nominees (PTE) Limited  317,233,091 5.60
3 Thai NVDR Company Limited  190,710,639 3.37
4 Mr. Charoensook Kititti  154,821,837 2.73
5 SCB Dividend Stock 70/30 Long Term Equity Fund  89,736,087 1.58
6 Mrs. Naowanart Chamornmarn  75,000,000 1.32
7 South East Asia UK (Type C) Nominees Limited  64,429,600 1.14
8 SCB Stock Plus Long Term Equity Fund  36,684,100 0.65
9 Mrs. Wilawan Rongwatthanasophon  35,426,598 0.63
10 State Street Europe Limited 30,837,606 0.54
  Other shareholders 1,335,212,720 23.58
Total 5,663,028,199 100.00
Thai Shareholders 5,158,902,482 91.10
Foreign Shareholders 504,125,717 8.90

Note : (1) The major shareholders No.1 Thanachart SPV 1 Company Limited is a subsidiary of Thanachart Capital Public Company Limited, which holds 100.00% of shares. Thanachart Capital Public Company Limited is a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and operated as the holding company business.

(2) The major shareholders No.2 and 7 are Nominee Accounts that cannot be identified real shareholders.

(3) The major shareholders No.3 Thai NVDR Company Limited engages in the business of issuing non-voting depository receipts (NVDR) are sold to investors, the proceeds of which are invested in SET-listed Thai reference securities. Investors in NVDRs are eligible for financial benefits as if they were shareholders of listed companies, but they are ineligible to vote at shareholder meetings, except for involve stock delisting from the SET.

(4)  Thanachart Capital Group, as the major shareholder of the Company, have significantly on the establishment of policy, management and operation of the Company.

(5)  The Company has no agreement between the major shareholders in matters affecting the issuance and offering of securities or management of the Company.

Shareholder Structure

December 31, 2020

Shareholding of Directors and Executives

December 31, 2020

Dividend Payment Policy

The Company has a dividend payment policy at least 50 percent of net profit in accordance with the Company’s Article of Association unless there are any other crucial circumstances and the dividend payment shall not impact the Company’s operation significantly. The 3-year historical dividend payment of the Company are as follows:

Details 2019 2018* 2017
Net Profits (Separate Financial Statements) (Baht) 1,849,703,703 1,640,754,904 1,125,812,903
Net Profits (Consolidated Financial Statements) (Baht) 1,963,564,460** 1,640,707,432**
Number of Paid-up Shares (Shares) 3,775,353,450 3,020,283,681 2,416,227,209
Stock Dividend (Baht per Shares) 0.25 0.25
Cash Dividend (Baht per Shares) 0.32 0.29 0.03
Total Dividend Payment (Baht per Shares) 0.32 0.54 0.28
Total Amount of Dividend Payment (Baht) 1,208,113,104 1,630,953,188 676,543,618
Dividend Payout Ratio per Net Profit

(Separate Financial Statements) (Percent)

65.31 99.40 60.09
Dividend Payout Ratio per Net Profit

(Consolidated Financial Statements) (Percent)

61.53 99.40

Note : (*) In the end of 2018, the Company invested in RTN Insurances Brokers Co., Ltd. for 100%.  Since it has not yet been active, the 2018 and 2019 financial statement reflected only the overall financial performance.

(**) Attributable to equity holders of the Company

The subsidiary’s dividend payment policy to the Company, subsidiary will pay when there is no any other crucial circumstances and such dividend payment shall not impact the subsidiary’s operation significantly.