About our auction service

Ratchthani Leasing Public Company Limited is the leading company in providing full-cycle auto loan services in Thailand. As a member of Thanachart Group, we provide various auto loan services to serve the needs of our customers including car and motorcycle dealers, institute clients, and consumers in general.

For those who are interested in car auction, let’s learn more about our Company’s services relating to car auction i.e. auction process, loan service for auctioned car, etc.

Guideline for Buying at Auction

    1 Customer can view the look of cars in auction at the parking lot on the 10th floor of Sinn Sathorn Tower during 9:00 – 16:00 hrs.
    2 To join the auction, bidding envelope must be submitted to the Company’s office during 9:00-16:00 hrs.
    3 Bidder who offers the highest price will win the auction. Such bidding price will be the buying price of the car (inclusive of 7% VAT
    4 Auction deposit
    4.1 In case of winning the bid of more than 1 car, bidder must give the deposit with the amount not less than 10% of total prices of all cars but not less than 10,000 baht for each car. Deposit must be in cash and submitted to the Company immediately on the date of bidding result announcement.
    4.2 In case of winning the bid of 1 car, bidder must give the deposit to the Company in cash on the date of announcement with the amount not less than 10% of the bidding price but not lower than 20,000 baht.
    5 The remaining balance must be paid to the Company within 5 days after the result announcement date. Payment can be done directly at the Company’s office.
    6 If bidder fails to make payment of number 4, 5 and 6 within the specified time frame, it will be considered that the bidder gives up the right to buy such car and will not make any claims or demand any compensation from the Company.
    7 To receive the car, bidder who wins the auction must completely pay the deposit and the left balance for the full price (bidding price). Bidder may authorize his/her representative to take the car using the power of attorney and related documents.
    8 Regarding the car registration, customer will receive the set of ownership transfer documents from the Company within 2 weeks after the date that complete payment is made. Customer must process the ownership transfer by himself. We recommend customer to arrange the transfer within 30 days after receiving the documents. If any of the documents are lost, customer will have to pay for service fee of issuing replacement documents.
    9 Bidder can inquire about the receipt of documents at our Collection Department, tel. (02) 431-9000 ext. 1242, 1252.
    10 Car year means the year that the car was registered.
    11 Car tax means the due date for annual tax renewal.
    12 Bidder will be responsible for all expenses relating to ownership transfer such as service fee, tax, renewal fee, transfer fee, insurance premium, operating fee of the auctioned car, and other expenses (if any) about the vehicle’s body adaptations, penalties or fines for any crimes relating to the car or to the car registration.
    13 The Company sells the cars by auction based on the property conditions. Bidder is abided to consider the conditions of the car and related equipment including the engine number, chassis number and registration number before joining the auction. In case there are any problems or expenses relating to the conditions of such car, for example, the engine number, chassis number and registration number do not match, the bidder will take all the responsibilities.
    14 If bidder wants to amend or change his/her personal information such as name, contact address after the announcement of the auction result, he/she will have to pay service fee of 300 baht. Request can be made by contacting our Collection Department, tel. (02) 431-9000 ext. 1242, 1252.
    15 All bidders acknowledge all terms and conditions relating to the Company’s auction of its confiscated cars and are willing to comply with all terms and conditions.
    16 The Company reserves the right to sell or not to sell any cars without providing a reason.
    17 The Company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the auction without prior notice.