Hire Purchase for Supercar

The service is for individual and juristic person who wish to buy new or used high-end personal vehicle such as premium car, executive van, sedan. The Company provides financial services for various brands i.e. Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai, etc.

Our supercar hire purchase service makes new car buying totally easy and convenient. Customer is required to make only a single down payment; then the left balance will be calculated at fixed rate for the life of the contract (3-4 years.) The installment to be made will be equally divided and when the payments are completed, ownership of the hire purchased car will be transferred to the customer.

Remark: Terms and conditions of the loan are subjected to the Company’s credit approval criteria.

Financial Lease for Supercar

The service is for customer who is a juristic person who shall enjoy the benefits of effective interest rate, increasing business cash flow as well as tax relief. Financial lease is similar to long term lease contract with security deposit and the tenure of 3-5 years. When the contract ends, customer (lessor) has an option to buy the leased car at the price agreed on the contract signing date.

Apply for a loan

ตารางเปรียบเทียบเพื่อให้เห็นข้อมูลสิทธิประโยชน์ :

Loan Programs Financial Lease Hire Purchase
Objective want/not want to own the car want to own the car
Customer Type Juristic person Individual and Juristic person
Required Fund Security deposit Down payment
Interest Effective Rate Flat Rate
Contract Period 3-5 years 1 year or more
Tax Benefit Tax relief 36,000 baht/car/month Depreciation 16,667 baht/car/month *
When contract ends Transfer ownership to the lessor after payment of residual value Promptly transfer ownership to the hirer

Remark: *The depreciation of hire purchased car is 200,000 baht per year or 16,667 baht per month with the maximum of 5 years.

Qualifications of Applicant


  1. Applicant or hirer must be 20-60 years old on the contract date.
  2. Applicant or hirer must have a Thai nationality only.
  3. In case of foreigner, the applicant is required to submit the copy of passport ID and work permit which is valid over 3 months and has the remaining validity over 6 months.

Juristic Person

  1. Applicant or hirer who is juristic person that is registered and operated its business in Thailand like a public company limited, private company limited, partnership.

Required documents for loan application

1) Individual Applicant
• 3 copies of ID card or/Government employee identification card or/State enterprise employee identification card
• 3 copies of house registration
• A copy of salary certificate (of the most recent month)
• A copy of the last 6 month bank statements

2) Juristic Person Applicant
• 3 copies of certificate of incorporation (with issued date less than 3 months)
• A copy of company registration
• A copy of VAT registration certificate (Form Phor.Phor. 20)
• A copy of list of shareholder’s name (Form Bor.Oor.Jor 5)
• 3 copies of ID card and house registration of all authorized directors of the company limited
• A copy of ID card and house registration of each shareholder who holds over 25% shares of the company limited
• 3 copies of ID card and house registration of guarantor
• A copy of the last 6 month bank statements

3) Foreign Applicant
• 3 copies of passport
• 3 copies of work permit (mandatory)
• A copy of salary certificate or salary slip (of the most recent month)
• A copy of the last 6 month bank statements